Setup your ManageBac Integration

To begin setup of your ManageBac integration with BridgeU, you'll first need to create and add your ManageBac API. If you've already setup your integration and you'd like to import advisor and/or students click here to read the ManageBac import guide.  

To create your ManageBac API, please complete the following: 
Please be aware that depending on your permission levels in ManageBac you may have a different view and may need to consult with you ManageBac administrator to complete the setup.

Step 1: Login to ManageBac and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Public API V2

Step 2: The public API can be added via the Add New Token button. The API Documentation will direct you to additional details and notes with sample requests and responses.

Step 3: From here, you can select which points you wish to update and pull, including Student, Parent, and Teacher data, IB Groups, Classes, and School settings. Alternatively, you can select the Read Only option at the bottom of the page and this will give us access to everything needed.

Note that pulling Grades & Attendance data is currently not supported via API.

After Add Token is ticked, a token will appear in API settings that can be copied to other systems.

Step 4: To add the API to BridgeU, login and go to Settings > ManageBac and paste into the box provided, then click Save.

Step 5: The ManageBac integration is now ready to be used but please consult with your BridgeU  Account Manager before importing your new cohort. To import some advisor and/or students, click here to read the ManageBac import guide.

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